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Our routers support ITU G.992.1 that can download upto 8mbits/s and send 800kbits/s upstream. Right now in South Africa, Telkom support a maximum downstream rate of 4mbits/s and an upstream of 512kbits/s.

Our router products are rack mountable (fitting into a 19” rack, 1U high and made from light weight aluminum) and are designed for the corporate market




ADSL bonding can only be setup between two devices that are "bonding aware". Because each hardware manufacture may implement this technology in their own way, you will only be able to setup the channel between two devices from the same manufacture.
Alive Technology manufactures the following products:

why choose bonding?

Alternatively, if you are not looking for the adsl bonding functionality, Alive Technology also manufactures routers with up 5 adsl ports that will do load sharing instead.

ADSL Channel bonding vs Load Sharing

Bonding is a technique where by the packets within a session are distributed over multiple lines (in this case, ADSL) to form one big pipe. Multi-link PPP and isdn b-channels are examples of this type of bonding. The main benefit of channel bonding is that the bandwidth available to the pipe is the sum of all the bandwidth of the links that make it up. So it is theoretically possible for a single user's session to download at 20mbits/s if you were to bond five 4mbit/s adsl lines together (assuming that the sending server can transmit at that rate and there is no congestion en route)

Load sharing on the other hand, allocates each session to a separate adsl line. Unless you use a “download manager” to split your download into multiple sessions, your session can only access the bandwidth available on the ONE line that it has been allocated to. With our routing policy feature you can configure which adsl line to use (eg. email down one line and browsing down the others) with the ability to fall back to basic load-sharing should the line go down.

Where to buy

Parties interested in purchasing or distributing our router products are welcome to contact us.